1st International Ayush conclave of Kerala Februray 15th to 19th 2019 at Kanakakkunnu, Trivandrum, Kerala, India

Business Conclave

Herbal Bazar

There will be a special session for the expansion of the market operations of the manufacturers. A National and International Buyers and Sellers meet will be arranged. The session will have presentationson the problems faced during the exporting of AYUSH related products in to the international market and the solutions for this will also be discussed.


AYUSH Health Travel Bazar

In this session, discussions on the development of infrastructural facilities in the Health Tourism sector and the plans forraising enough funds for the same will be initiated. There will bedelegates from around the world for different presentations from various Ayurveda Institutions along with Tour operators (National and International) and International Health andTravel media representatives. Several action plans will be discussed to make 'AYUSH products' the best and the most attractive ones in the Tourism sector. New business openings will take place, based on the discussions between the tour operators and the employers individually and in groups. As a continuation of the Herbal Bazar and Health Travel Bazar sessions, signed agreements will be done for monitoring the progress at short intervals by forming a Secretariat for a period of one year. Functioning on the interests of the state government, there will be interventions for removing any kind of obstacles in the field.

Ayurveda, Siddha, Unani, Homeopathy Drug Policy: Workshop.

The Ayurvedic Medicines Production sector has a key role in improving the economy along with the protection of positive health of the people of Kerala. Discussions will be initiated on the role of other AYUSH systems as well. A series of discussions related to the concerns and opinions of farmers, industrialists, sellers, physicians and public regarding the cultivation of herbs and their marketing will be initialised. This workshop will be play an important role in the formation of the 'Ayurveda Drug Policy' as declared in the election manifesto by the ruling government.

Health and Food Workshop

Different aspects of food decides the health and diseased state of a humanbeing.In the present day of lifestyle disorders, this fact has been widely accepted by everyone. The workshop that is being conducted in this topic will discuss on the diseases, their prevention and treatment keeping the idea of good food in mind. The workshop plans to conduct a healthy food festival named ‘Kitchen Pharmacy’. 

Farmers Meet

As a part of IAC, a Farmers meet is also organised for the persons involved in growing Medicinal Herbs as well as for people who are interested to grow Medicinal Herbs under the leadership of the State Medicinal Plant Board.

AYUSH Solidarity Meet

AYUSH Solidarity Meet is a programme having the representatives of general public to share their experience of AYUSH treatments, their opinions on the strength and scope of AYUSH systems. This meet arranges the participation of established personalities from the political, social and cultural fields, to the solidarity that leads to the wide acceptance of AYUSH in the society.

AYUSH Start-up Conclave 

The start up conclave is a major highlight of IAC2019.The young doctors of AYUSH have so many ideas to present the world but the lack of opportunities and financial aid from government was a major hurdle. Understanding this scenario, the start up conclave introduces new initiatives in AYUSH and aims to provide technical assistance and support for innovative ideas from experts in this field. The conclave will give a stage for successful start up personalities to share their experiences. Along with providing solutions to new entrepreneurs, suggestions for basic infrastructure development in this area will be discussed in the conclave.