1st International Ayush conclave of Kerala September 7 to 11, 2018 at Marine Drive, Kochi, Kerala, India

The City

Kochi, the commercial capital of Kerala

Kochi, the commercial capital of Kerala has become one of the most attractive business destinations in this part of the world with its steady market, future potentials and multi cultural society. Kochi more than a tour AYUSH spot it hosts events which expect the maximum number of foot fall in South Asia. It may not be surprising that most of the trade venues are booked one year in advance to get a proper date. Events in Kochi are much more successful when it is focusing on the international communities along with enthusiastic public crowd. An AYUSH trade event in this high-tech city will be much more effective than any other Asian cities in the region.

Weather in Kochi 

September is the best time to visit South Asia, You will be having a good weather in December which is the peak tour AYUSH season. A minimum of 23°C and maximum of 32°C and a minimum rain fall. Even if it rains, it's generally only for a short period.

Hotel accommodation 

Please feel free to inform us about your accommodation requirements. We have arrangements with all categories of hotels, you may choose as per your budget and convenience. A recommendable average or the minimum rent for a standard double room will be 30-50 USD in a comfortable area in Kochi metro.

Travel to Kochi

Kochi holds one of the best International Airports in India, a metro rail, centrally placed rail and road network connectivity.