1st International Ayush conclave of Kerala September 7 to 11, 2018 at Marine Drive, Kochi, Kerala, India


Conclave on AYUSH in LSG activities- LSG Leaders Meet - Feb 15, 2019 at Nisagandhi Auditorium, Kanakakkunnu,Trivandrum .

Local self-Government bodies are the vital implementation agencies in all public health activities of Ayush in Kerala. The role of LSG is also very important in spreading awareness of Ayush systems in Kerala. One-day conclave on AYUSH in LSG activities aims to create a common platform for LSG leaders to share and benefit from different similar public health models for correction and future implementation. A cash award will be announced for the best Ayush Projects on state level and district level


Conclave on Ayurveda Drug policy - Feb 15-18, 2019, Kanakakkunnu Trivandrum

A conclave is organised as a part of IAC for providing a draft consultative document from all sort of Ayush Pharma industry. As our drug industry is facing huge challenges from all sorts of angles, leading experts and industrialists are expected to participate in this event to take steps to formulate the first Ayush drug policy in Kerala.


Good Food Conclave - The Kitchen Pharmacy -Trivandrum Feb 15-18 2019

Good food movement and organic cultivation is taking it's turn as a leading preventive and sustainable tool in the combat against the lifestyle diseases all over the world. It is surprising that we have not yet ventured in to the amazing natural sources of food from our rich biodiversity. Let's reinvent the fact as our great sage Charaka mentioned."If your food is not good then you need medicines and if your food is good then you don't need any medicines".With this mission in mind a 3 days demonstrative Kitchen Pharmacy is organised by the Ayush experts and different good food movement of Kerala. Let's make our mothers our family doctors again.

An educative medicinal plants exhibition featuring Indian herbs -Trivandrum Feb 14-18 2019 (Expo Hall)

This unique medicinal plant exhibition will be featuring the plants with regional importance. The whole effort is dedicated to introducing our valuable herbal wealth to our population especially to new generation. This exhibition will feature the medicinal properties of same plant from different medical systems. 1000 plus medicinal plants with special reference to home remedies and commercial significance for cultivation 


International business meet for AYUSH products and services -Trivandrum Feb 15-18 2019

An exclusive business meet is organised as a part of this event to facilitate better business dialogs and one to one interaction with sellers and international buyers in the field of Ayush industries. There will be a co-ordination agency to support and follow up future networking for international trade related to Ayush industries and Ayush based health tourism in Kerala. Special sessions are arranged for quality standards and regulatory affairs.


One-day conclave on infrastructure development in Ayush based health tourism -Trivandrum Feb 15-18 2019

An exclusive one-day workshop on infrastructure development for Ayush based health tourism is organised to support the health and wellness tourism industry in Kerala. Different financial and infrastructure stake holders will be taking part in this conclave to understand the industry needs and offer their support to AYUSH health tourism industry.


Medicinal plants Exhibition  Farmers meet -Trivandrum Feb 15-18 2019

A farmer’s meet is organised to facilitate an effective networking of activities and stakeholders in the area of Medicinal plant Cultivation Commercialisation and Conservation. Sustainable farming and end to end integration from farm to factory to minimize the loss in transit and environmental damage. 


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