1st International Ayush conclave of Kerala September 7 to 11, 2018 at Marine Drive, Kochi, Kerala, India

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Kerala with its successful and effective public health policies and grassroots level implementation can take on the role as a leading player in this field. Even though Kerala has become one of thefirst state in the country to utilise AYUSH Systems effectively in public health and tourism sector, more coordinated efforts like this event is needed to place AYUSH Systems as a global medicine of proper status.


The open approach of Kerala to AYUSH medical systems from multiple cultural origins is well appreciated and unique. Even though traditional medicine industry is booming in the world, the questions are arising from all sorts of angles about the quality safety and efficacy of the Traditional medicine systems in the present world of unethical commercialization.Role of Kerala as an Ayush Systems hub is evident as it has already regulated the Traditional Medicine systems with great care for its quality and safety. International Ayush Systems Conclave can be the next step for such standardizations of global demand and create a global Ayush Systems community to work hand in hand with all relevant bodies to achieve these goals.